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Sanofi Genzyme is an American biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since its acquisition in 2011, Genzyme has been a fully owned subsidiary of Sanofi. In 2010, Genzyme was the world’s third-largest biotechnology company, employing more than 11,000 people around the world. As a subsidiary of Sanofi, Genzyme has a presence in approximately 65 countries, including 17 manufacturing facilities and 9 genetic-testing laboratories. Its products are also sold in 90 countries.

A former employee shared his/her opinion about working at Sanofi Genzyme on Indeed in September 2019:

"Unprofessional. Cut throat gossips, incited by manager. Hardly a place of business in certain Quality departments, more of a friend environment with managers. Serious personnel problems bordering on labor law issues/harassment. HR is hands off."


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"Salary is lower than other industry companies. Some departments like QA do not have enough staff for coverage of all the work."

Senior Director (Former Employee) says

"Terrible culture, weak management and generally an ineffectual organization. The General Manager of the MS Business Unit is awful and pretty incompetent."

Accessioning Leader (Former Employee) says

"The amount of inexperience, immaturity, favoritism, unfairness is insane. The staff working there almost have the right to file for human right violations.some of the staff are normalhr, management, sexism, favoritism, targetting, unfairness, harassment"

Manufacturing Technician (Current Employee) says

"I loved my job when I first started there. However, when we moved to the Northborough facility the work environment became worse. Stress levels were ridiculously high and the work/life balance is very poor. Worst part is that management doesn't care. Supervisors belittle and bully the staff but there's never any "proof" when someone contacts HR. This all started when the company was acquired by Sanofi. Terrible place to work. You go into work everyday wondering if it 's you last day on the job.Decent benefitsUnhealthy stress levels and poor management"

Manufacturing (Former Employee) says

"HR is almost as incompetent as management. HR allows QA women to send nudes though!Free nude picsMiserable environment"

SOP change owner (Former Employee) says

"Management was incompetent and nasty. I would not suggest anyone work there. Run by idiots. Nice people were there, but not enough to compensate for the really bad management."

Associate Director, Global Cell Bank Manufacturing (Former Employee) says

"The management culture at Genzyme focuses on driving people into the ground. There is no emphasis on development, innovation, or putting people in the right positions to succeed. Most people who I worked with were stressed beyond belief trying to manage too many priorities, while there were others in the organization who coasted."

Facilities (Former Employee) says

"The employees there are great, but some departments do not work well with others and don't support fully the expectations of teamwork. Management likes to pass the buck too much. My Manager took way too much time off, came in late, left early. HR was useless for any conflict resolution. Good old boys attitude. They keep so-called "temps" working there for years never making them permanent employees. But they do have some great employees that were a joy to work with.Free lunchesVery poor management, lack of support, my Manager took way too much time off and was hardly there for decision making, passed the buck t"

Clinical Trial Administrator (Current Employee) says

"The company is a complete mess since the hostile takeover in 2011. Budgets are now at the mercy of Sanofi (who treats Genzyme like a baby at the nipple) and they give you very little advance notice when things change (namely layoffs!). I sincerely hope Genzyme becomes Sanofi's money pit and their losses outweigh any sort of gain! Bigger they are harder they fall...Management is null. My team was unaware of my layoff until I called them. Pointless communication chains. Don't even bother with the questions or comments- they don't go anywhere.I wouldn't bother applying unless you need a temporary job or experience. The only way Sanofi seems to be profiting from Genzyme is by cutting them out of the equation all together and taking their patents. I doubt "Genyzme" will exist by the end of this ones really seems to care what's going on there.if you're a person who has pride in thier work and would like it to be rewarded stay far away."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional. Cut throat gossips, incited by manager. Hardly a place of business in certain Quality departments, more of a friend environment with managers. Serious personnel problems bordering on labor law issues/harassment. HR is hands off.Not muchThe site"

materials Handler (Current Employee) says

"Genzyme is a bad place to work. Co-operation, communication, and camaraderie across departments and even different shifts is non existent. Material operations leadership is bad at all levels. They routinely set people up to fail. Overpaid, underworked and out of touch with workers and basic business practices. Training is poor, or a complete waste of time.Good benefits packageJust about everything else"

Manager QA (Current Employee) says

"You will be expected to work long hours under a Director that has a very bad reputation for how the staff is treated."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"It was a great company once. Unfortunately the sale to sanofi was a disaster and a lot of the immense talent left. It's now made up of people who have no history in the company..."

Senior Research Associate (Current Employee) says

"The shift of culture and lack of respect for scientists has driven most to pursue good science elsewhere. The two hardest aspects are routinely running multiple full day experiments/assays within the same day, and coming back to that with zero expectation of advancement or appropriate level of staffing.Interesting, high quality sciencevery long hours for some, poor compensation, zero advancement"

Biotechnology Specialist (Current Employee) says

"This company does not recognize talent and has a poor middle management system which merit is not recognize. It has been hard working at this company, which system are inadequate. Employees are constantly working to react toward the end of the deadline. Accomplishing the job under minimum resources is not recognize, and it has no employee retention program. Bonuses are non-existence to workers who work in the lower side. The constant change or flux of management causes very low visibility and recognition for work performed and as a result meritocracy is not done base on achievement."

Technicien de Laboratoire ATS (Former Employee) says

"Aucune planification. Travail dans l'urgence. Le management prends les techniciens pour des machines, corvéables à merci....AucunNombreux"

Quality Specialist - Batch Record Review (Former Employee) says

"I had one job here - review batch records. there was no growth or opportunity here at the time. It was being purchased by Sanofi and everyone was fearful of their job at the time."

Technical Writer (Contract) says

"A typical day consisted of writing SOPs from scratch and working with Engineering, Subject Matter Experts, and Quality to ensure the proper flow of the procedure."

HRBP (Current Employee) says

"Very complex and not very efficient. Many really very disengaged employees - with not real focus on fixing the issues. INCLUDING a dismal merit increase for the last three years less then 2%... ridiculous.vacation is a bit more generiouswhere do I start... no real on-boarding, how they pay is a disaster. If you want to be paid on time and accuracy. don't count on it."

Molecular Genetic Technician (Former Employee) says

"My experience at labCorp/Integrated Genentics was a good one. The work was satisfying in that I felt I was helping patients by expediting gene type assessment to help them with important life decisions and in some cases helping to determine the proper treatment for a life threatening disease. The work was fast paced and interesting. I made many friends in the lab and enjoyed going to work with them everyday.excellent co-workers"

Quality Manager (Former Employee) says

"The work environment is not the same since Sanofi took over. They are quietly reducing benefits and continually ask everyone to do more with less. The leadership team can't get away from the "putting out fires" business model which makes it a difficult workplace with inconsistent coffeevery high level of employee uncertainty, poor employee morale, poor leadership and communication, very political work environment where nepotism is rampant"

Paul Gardner says

"You’re not as quick as Amazon but you ask for a review quicker than I get my order!"

M in Texas says

"Anthem service initially was great over the phone, and it looks like the screen itself might have worked great, BUT instead of rolling the cut screen and sending it in a mailing tube as agreed, it was folded numerous times and in the Texas heat, it is so stuck together, I don't know if it will be usable at all. EDIT: I eventually got the screen apart, and Anthem kindly refunded my money promptly, but refused to replace the screen crumpled by the folds and therefore totally unusable. I guess going to the post office for a (free) mailing tube was just too much for them.They could have called during the process if other than the agreed shipping arrangements needed to be made, but they didn't. I lost a week by having to start over with someone else, so it will stay as a 1-star rating."

Jeff Seidel says

"You’re like a restaurant who asks me how my meal was before I even get it. Cheez."

Oliver says

"These *** still Got my Money even though I canceled my order and yes, I gave it 3 days as they said."

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